Avi has a story

Avi has a story

   It was the summer of 2022, I had just begun my first job after graduation and I wanted to look the part. Even though the office was enthusiastically casual, I wanted to use my first job as an opportunity to refine my sense of style. I wanted to look effortlessly corporate - everyday. 

   This was a herculean task. I figured the best way to go about it would be to keep it as simple as possible. Consistency is key. Therefore the best look for me, I decided, would be a minimalist-desi style outfit. That’s when you pair your everyday kurta shalwar and dupatta with light jewelry and call it minimalistic because your parents don’t approve of western pants and dress-shirts.

   Step one was finding the right jewelry. What I wanted was simple. Small golden hoops, basic golden studs, and a low-key pendant. Shouldn’t be hard to find, I thought. 

I was wrong. 

   Surprisingly, it was ridiculously hard to find the jewelry I wanted on the internet in my price range. AliExpress had great options but it took too long to ship to Pakistan. Plus I never knew if it would reach at all, I had parcels lost on the way a few times before. Daraz, I wasn’t sure I could trust the quality of. As for small brands, I had seen countless ads of them selling beautiful minimalist jewelry on Instagram, but I couldn’t remember the names of any now that I actually wanted to buy them. I couldn’t find them on google either because they weren’t SEO optimized. And what I could find on google, was not even close to actual minimalist styles. 

   I was disappointed, sure, but more than that I was confused. How is this still such a big problem?

   It was when I started thinking about it that I realized that this is not the first time this has happened. Whenever I’ve wanted to buy jewelry, for everyday wear or a wedding, I’ve found myself fruitlessly spending hours searching on the internet. I’ve also spent hours looking through Instagram trying to find small brands whose names have escaped me.

   The most frustrating part of this search has never been that I couldn’t find the product. It is in knowing that the product and many others like it, probably much prettier than I imagined, are out there sitting at the home of some talented young person running their small jewelry business on social media; but I can’t find them because of ineffective mechanisms in the middle.

   So my best friend and I set out to solve this problem. We started talking to people around us and every single person we talked to ended up complaining of the same problems we were facing.

We had interesting findings. The most important was that this problem is the most prevalent in the jewelry industry since the pandemic. The entire world went into house arrest and young people had the most time they had ever had on their hands. They also had access to the most raw material because of online shopping. They set out to make their own jewelry and their businesses flourished. The result was a lot of great jewelry businesses operating entirely on social media.

   Due to the smaller investment required to launch a startup in the jewelry industry, to make it successful you don’t need to scale it as much as you might have to if you were in another business. Plus, many of the products are handmade and there’s a limit to how many orders a business owner can process in a day. So even highly profitable businesses do not find themselves in too much of a need to expand beyond social media.

That’s great for the most part, except social media brands are hard to find and it creates a frustrating experience for the customers and a lost profit for the brands. 

   Our solution to this is as simple as solutions come. Create an online marketplace where every brand exists in one place and every product is categorized according to a uniform criteria. 

   After months of hard work and a lot of heart, we’ve finally brought you Avi. A simple solution to make jewelry shopping easy for you and us!

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