The Avi Size Grid Story

The Avi Size Grid Story

In July of this year, I saw these large gorgeous bright turquoise earrings online. I hit the add-to-cart and four days later the product was at my doorstep.

Online shopping is amazing. It saves you time and money. Plus, it gives you more options as you sit on your couch munching potato chips, than if you roamed the busy streets of commercial market all day.

But, it doesnโ€™t give you all the information about the product youโ€™re buying.

When I opened the big bright turquoise earrings I so happily purchased, they were smaller than my pinky finger. Needless to say, I was deeply disappointed.

A customer has the right to know everything about a product, including it's size. And that too in a convenient way. That's hard to do online. So we decided to make sure Avi always provided complete information.

We wanted a simple solution that didn't involve the seller putting a ruler next to every product and writing the number in every description.

One day I was scrolling through a list of very complicated ideas in my head, when my mother said: 'just make a grid'. She's a math teacher ofcourse; and her solution was simple and brilliant.

So we made a grid. The Avi Grid. The Grid consists of 1cm boxes. Our goal is to make sure that the last image of every product on the Avi website is of the jewelry on The Avi Grid. This will allow you to visualize the size of each product in a simple and straightforward way.

Next Steps: We're working hard to ensure every product on the website has a picture of the products on The Avi Grid.
On Avi, you'll never have to guess the size of any product when buying it. You'll know.

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